Emil Sellstrom


Emil Sellström is a Stockholm based artist with a designer/illustrator background.

Emil’s work can be described as bright, dreamy and surrealistic. Often with a touch of humor and escapism in the mix.

“I don’t really get my inspiration from a specific era or style. Rather, random objects unintentionally inspire me in my surroundings. Like a pack of chewing gum or a feeling I get when listening to music”

“I often drift away in my visual thoughts, my mind fills up and I have to get it out. The only relief is to make small thumbnail sketches. I make on an average 40-100 a day, and some of these thumbnails become final pieces”.

Emil got his bachelors degree in character animation in 2009, previous to that he worked as a designer and illustrator. In recent years Emil has gone from working as a designer and art director at MTV to his current job working as an art director at a gaming company.

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